My Dream Move to Hawaii …

This letter summarizes my experience in engaging Mary Lee and Associates for selling my house in Redmond during the spring of 2017. When I met Mary for the first time, she reviewed the process she uses for selling homes. I found her understanding of the real estate business, keen focus on representing her clients, a very high level of integrity and a plan and strategy for putting the seller in driver’s seat to be top notch. Having worked with many real estate agents in my life, I felt Mary is completely in a different league! My other agents were very good and fantastic people. Mary is all of that and a LOT more. It is like watching Michael Jordan play basketball!!

Once I chose her and she chose to represent me, she outlined a rough timeline and the steps I needed to take to prepare the house for sale. The staging process was fun and I fully understood why staging is important. The marketing brochures, videos and pictures taken were unbelievably high quality with no expense spared to highlight the house for prospective buyers. When I viewed the video for the first time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell the house

She paid for the house inspection before it got listed so that I had a chance to fix the issues and make it easy for prospective buyers to make an offer with confidence. As a result, my buyers waived the inspection contingency which reduced my risk. This is just one example where the steps she took helped optimize the process while increasing the number of interested buyers!

She made beautiful cards with information about the highlights of the house in each area such as kitchen, family room, bedrooms and so on. These cards were placed throughout the house which is very helpful as it directs the attention of buyers to the highlights. The house was on the market for six days and we had multiple offers. It was very illustrative to see how she guided me on evaluating offers. The house sold higher than the listing price! Mary’s plan and strategy worked to perfection.

I am writing this letter 10 weeks after my house in Redmond closed. Since then, I moved to Hawaii to start my own orchard in the Big Island. Looking back, it is very clear to me Mary and Jeff knew my life situation and future very clearly and they went to bat for me. The combination of their professionalism, skills and focus on doing what is best for the client is the reason why I am breathing easier as I am venturing into a new business and chasing my dreams.

I highly recommend Mary Lee if you are considering selling your home. Her proven track record, process and strategies generated substantial additional profit for me, and created a streamlined and very enjoyable home selling experience. Hire her! You’ll be glad you did!