Multiple Offers & Sale Above Asking Price

Mary is an amazingly good sellers’ agents. She worked hard to minimize my effort. Through Mary’s marketing and negotiation skills, I received many offers and my house sold 13% above asking price (which paid her fee and a lot more).

Mary invested a lot of effort every step of the way. She arranged a seller’s inspection, to avoid an inspection contingency. She reviewed the inspection report with me, to help me decide which fix-ups would make my house more sellable and which were unnecessary. To help with the fix-ups, she found inexpensive contractors who did great work on short notice. She arranged for staging, to highlight how a buyer might use the space. She produced attractive signs to post all over the house, each one highlighting a feature that a buyer might not notice. And she produced gloss high-quality marketing materials for buyers to take home after a viewing, to help them remember what they saw and to keep them excited about it.

Moreover, Mary was great to work with. She were very responsive to phone and email. In a word, Mary is outstanding. She worked hard for her fee, and her work paid off big. Hiring her as as my agent was one of my best business decisions. I recommend her very strongly. Hire her! You’ll be glad you did.