I could not have selected any agent who was more qualified!

Thank you so very much for working with me on the very (very) successful sale of my home! 


While it feels like it all happened so fast:  listed on Thursday and sold by the following Wednesday, that time table completely belies the amazing amount of pre-planning and the incredible process you follow which delivered these results!  The first time we met you walked me through your thorough and experienced plan for my sale, which included staging, highly professional photography, videography, and a multi-page marketing brochure that tied everything together. 


We reviewed your sales results and your ability to consistently bring multiple and over-listing offers.  You spoke of the documentation you provide to buyers and their agents to help them write strong and competitive offers, and the coaching you provide them in advance of offer review – so they understand what non-price terms are important considerations to me.  You described how you evaluate the overall quality of a buyer – beyond their offer, to ensure that the offer I accept will successfully close on time.  And you highlighted your negotiating skills – which you described as setting your results apart.


You assessed my house honestly and to expedite the offer process you arranged for a pre-sale inspection, which was thorough, allowed me to make minor repairs prior to listing, and was extremely valuable in making buyers feel comfortable waiving the inspection contingency.  Given my travel time-line I needed everything to happen quickly so my house could come to market, sell, and close.  We agreed to a schedule – and you met 100% of every milestone!  You and Jeff had all of the contacts necessary to schedule experienced stagers, an inspector, and contractors.  Jeff was such a big help – he personally installed a new light fixture and moved furniture!


On listing day, it was unreal!  The beautiful multi-page brochure featuring my house was stunning!  My listing included a professional video, gorgeous photos, and lovely descriptions showcasing my home. From there, you orchestrated the agreed-upon plan!  Over 120 potential buyers and agents saw my home in five days.  I received an “early” offer outside of the Offer Review period – and it was extremely enticing!  But, your seasoned guidance was to stay the course.  And when we sat down on Offer Review day, it paid off! 


In only five days, I had twelve excellent offers, ultimately accepting a much improved offer from the first buyer!  You listened carefully to what non-price terms were important to me – and your ability to negotiate delivered it all!  You negotiated a top-dollar offer, and a whirl-wind close with a delayed possession – crazy, but, you understood it was important to me.  The Offer Review experience was unlike any in my prior home sales.  By the time we sat down to go through the offers, you had already worked with each buyer/agent individually, giving them an opportunity to use an escalation clause and adjust non-price terms.  So, when I came to Offer Review,  you literally lined them up, 1 through 12 and I selected the strongest one.  But, even then, you had a surprise for me!  In my behalf, and behind the scenes, you had already improved that offer on price and so not only was it the highest offer, it reflected everything on my wish list! 


Mary, the time you committed, your organized process, and negotiating expertise you brought to my home sale, significantly reduced the stress of my largest and most important financial transaction, and as a result I can say with complete confidence that I got the very best possible price and terms!  I could not have selected any agent who was more qualified!  And I’ll always be grateful for the results you delivered!