Exceptional Market Knowledge…

Thank you so much for all your hard work in selling our Somerset home. You were right every step of the way, from recommending the sales price to picking the best paint color for the walls! At our first meeting with you, we were immediately impressed with your preparation and knowledge of the market. This was in stark contrast to our experience in the past with realtors. As you know, we were both very pessimistic after our last experience in trying to sell the house. We were guilty in the past of thinking anyone could sell a house; just stick a sign out there and advertise. We found out the hard way, when past offers fell through, that hiring the right person is critical.

You were knowledgeable about our particular market, you did the homework on recommending a sales price based on hard data, and you outlined and executed a professional approach to marketing and selling the house. You provided exceptional suggetions and strategies for marketing our house, which included professionally staging the house and obtaining a pre-inspection to identify and fix problems in advance of the listing. Deciding to undertake this expense in time and money wasn’t easy. But you were absolutely right! The staging made our older, smaller house look fabulous. We wanted to move back in! The pre-inspection allowed us to obtain mutual acceptance without the inspection contingency. And, your constant contacts and re-contacts with potential buyers ultimately were successful in finding a buyer at a price that was the best we could expect.

Above all else, we were impressed at how hard you worked for us. In the past, we’ve had realtors recommend prices based on their experience in the general market without specific knowledge of our neighborhood and without any paper to prove it up. Their approach simply didn’t work and in hindsight we recognize that they were telling us what they thought we wanted to hear in order to get our listing. Once listed, the realtors slowly disappeared. When tough decisions needed to be made, they were silent or ambiguous leaving us to figure things out. In contrast, you stayed with us every step of the way. You were always willing to give us your opinion and explain your reasons.

So, thanks again for your professionalism and for your persistence with us and with the buyers. We wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone trying to sell their house.

Best regards,

Judy and Mike Owen